The renowned economist and International evangelist, Dr Lawrence Tetteh of the UK Based World Miracle Outreach is the man of God who last saw Ebony Reigns and led her to Christ before her untimely death.

The renowned man of God while delivering the sermon during Ebony’s burial service embarrassed founder and leader of Glorious Word Power Ministry International when he had just arrived and instead of the man of God to find a place and listen to the sermon, he went about greeting people drawing attention to himself.

The renowned who it as disrespected warned him against his actions saying:

“Am preaching, I think this is also one thing you are doing in Ghana that is a sin and disrespectful. When a man of God is preaching you show respect. It is not right,” he said.

But listening to what Dr Lawrence said clearly, It’s not the right way to be roaming about and greeting people when a man of God is preaching since it causes a lot of distraction.

I agree, this very annoying when you are addressing a congregation or audience and this happens it creates distraction I must say.

Watch the video below…



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