Wendy Shay has hinted that, there might be a remix of ‘Uber Driver’, her released single receiving massive airplay all over right now.

He a facebook post, she asked her followers “A remix won’t be bad yes or no ???”. The post was with photos of her and Sakodie. Definitely, it is obvious she is currently working on that remix.

Of course, almost every comment agreed to the remix with the King of GH rap.

Wendy Shay was brought into the music scene by RuffTown Records; after Ebony Reign departed into glory. So you can say she’s Ebony’s replacement. That isn’t very far from the truth. Just within few weeks after she released her ‘Uber Driver’, Ghanaians have developed huge like for her.

This is what she posted:

Watch the video of ‘Uber Driver’ here!

‘Uber Driver’ was produced by MOG Beatz.


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