Lawyer and governance expert, Dr Eric Oduro Osae, has asked President Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo-Addo to look beyond politics in his appointment of the three commissioners of the Electoral Commission (EC).
He also suggests a constitutional amendment to make it possible for the Public Services Commission to be involved in the selection of the EC bosses going forward.
In his opinion, doing so will improve the credibility of the EC.
Speaking on Joy FM’s News File programme, Dr Osae noted that, “We are at a point where he [President Akufo-Addo] has to act fast, think fast and overhaul the system. This requires that they should open it up. I’ll always say that the appointment procedures should be competitive and they should open it up.”
“The previous instances where we have had presidents nominating people and having people vetted by parliament, we should move beyond that. If we can have a way of advertising, of making it competitive; though it’s not spelt out in the constitution and the electoral commissions act, it will help us,” he observed.
“I will also advise that though it’s an opportunity for the president to appoint all seven, I will adivse that he should look beyond politics; he should look at competence and he should look at people who will be able to stand the test of time; people who will be able to prevent some of these infractions from happening,” he added.


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