Investigate Journalist, Anas Aremeyaw Anas and his opponent, Hon. Kennedy Agyapong have been trending for weeks even before the release of Number 12, an investigate piece made by Anas to uncover fraudulent activities in football in Ghana and Africa.

Anas uncovered that, match officials and admistrators of football are involved in several corupt activities that ends up charging the result of football matches. He also got former pesident of Ghana’s FA on tape, narating how an investor can take over the whole country.

Hon. Agyapong on the other side claimed to have strong evidence against Anas; and that, we should not see him as who he is; but rather, Anas is more curropt that anyone. He proceeded by showing a movie he titled; Who watches the watchman.

Ghanaians have not been left out; most people have added their voice; taking sides and supporting their ‘hero’.

We will not run commentary of what people are saying. Read them yourself. These are some few comments we have gathered from facebook.

You can also add your view about this whole brouhaha.


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