The MP for Adaklu, kwame Agbodza stated the president is unconcerned over the former vice president demise because he is yet to declare a national day for mourning.

The Parliamentarian stated that, he was surprised that the president seemed unconcerned over Amissah Arthur demise.

“I am completely shocked that the President of the Republic of Ghana doesn’t find it fitting to declare even an hour of mourning for the demise of the former Vice President. It is uncharacteristic of our President. Every other President or somebody of that stature that has passed got a better dignity from the sitting President. Vice President Amissah-Authur didn’t get that.”

He, therefore, urged the President to “swallow his pride” and do the needful as his silence “is becoming un-Ghanaian.”

“And I am still urging the President that it is not too late. Swallow your pride. You need to declare a certain period of mourning for our late Vice President Amissah-Authur. It is not too late. It is rather becoming un-Ghanaian for him to just keep quiet over it. You couldn’t go and publish your sorrow about his demise on Facebook and failed to officially convey that information to the public and then give a certain period of mourning,” he said.


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