Ghana actress and model Moesha Buduong revealed in a her recent interview that she is making preparations for marriage.

Moesha revealed that the man she intend to marry is not a Ghanaian.

She described him as “he is a good person and I thank God that he brought him my way, he is sweet,God fearing. I love children and he loves children to.He does all the good things for me”.

When asked if she intends to marry soon, she responded by saying “I have preparations underway; it’s coming soon”.

Moesha Boduong is notably known for her interest in ‘sugar daddies’, had earlier recalled the story of how her first boyfriend cheated on her numerous times.

“My boyfriend was a man without money and were struggling together but the guy cheated on me number of times and got my heart broken. After such experiences, I vowed never to date a broken guy”.

In her recent interview with the CNN, she made some declarations that caused the whole country back-lashing her. She explained the reason why she date rich married men, claiming the economy is soo frustrating here in Ghana; and that, women need men for survival.

She stated: “In our economy (Ghana) is such a way that, you need someone to take care of you.You can not make enough money as a woman here,because even if you want to get apartment in Ghana, they take two years or more advance and i just started working where do i get money to pay?”

She pleaded to Ghanaian women for making such a gratuitous comment after pressures from individuals; and even the Ministry Of Gender, Children and Social Protection.

Celebrated Counsellor, Rev. George Lutterodt was one of the few Ghanaians who sided with the comments made by the actress/model.


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