No less than 400 Nigerian who were promised lucrative employment in Russia spent the night near the Nigerian Embassy in Mamontovsky Lane, Moscow, in the hope that they’ll get help with their return tickets. A few more foreigners were stuck in airports without money, documents or return tickets, reports Crime Russia, an organisation that collates news about illegal activities in Russia.

According to the estimates of volunteers of the movement against slavery known as Alternativa, there are between 200 and 400 Nigerians facing hardship in this regard. A representative of Alternativa, Oleg Melnikov told RBC that Nigerians began to complain about scammers two weeks ago.

Back home, scammers had advised them to buy fan’s passport of the World Cup (Fan ID) for $300 and round-trip tickets, assuring the victims that they would be employed in Russia. However, in Moscow, things did not turn out as planned because there was no truth to the scammers’ claims. Worse still, unknown to the victims, the scammers had cancelled their return tickets, and anyone wishing to return to Nigeria would have to pay his own return fare.




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