Mr Tsatu Tsikata, a former chief executive has been in support to probe into Blay’s funding for 275 buses for the NPP.

“it doesn’t help to it at a time just before an election because of the perceptions and there is reality also. Mr. Tsikata argued that in an interview on Joy News on Monday.

he also added; “Obviously if there are calls including calls by some of the people who lost the election, they are serious matters of criminality, so those matters would have to be investigated and they would have to be investigated in terms of the normal criminal investigations.”

Adding Mr Tsikata said: “In other words, vote-buying involves using monetary inducements in connection with a forthcoming election, so there was an election process in view, that’s evidence he procured these buses for constituencies and for people who will be involved in the voting process, that’s also a fact.”

“But you know again, I don’t want us to make this too legalistic an issue, its not just about the legalism of whether Freddie Blay is guilty of the crime, or he is not guilty of the crime.”

“What I am saying is that, if I were Freddie Blay, I would also sit back and reflect, what impression has been created through my actions and could that have been avoided, and honestly looking at it in that perspective, I’m sure that he, Freddie Blay will recognise he could have done it a bit differently,” Mr Tsikata said.


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