A video of a police officer assaulting a woman went viral on the internet this week, and many Ghanaians have criticised the actions of the police officer.

The woman (Patience Sarfo) has received numerous of donations from many Ghanaians individuals and cooperate bodies.

Well seems some Ghanaians thinks differently from the ordinary way of thinking. People like Councillor Lutterodt and and Akua Donkoh saw something different from the video.

According to Akua Donkoh, the woman in the video (Patience Sarfo) is a thief who was sent by robbers to spy the bank. Speaking in an interview, the Ghana Freedom Party (GFP) flag bearer said the beatings were not enough for the woman.

Withdrawing money, was she taking so much that she had to spend week at the bank ? Akua Donkoh asked. Its obvious she was sent by robbers to spy.


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