– I said parliament has become cheap, I didn’t say parliament is useless.

– It is my voice in the video, but muntaka must give us the source of his evidence.

– I am not a tin god, but I was furious at Muntaka because he didn’t cross check his facts.

– I made the comments because an NPP vice chairman said I don’t deserve to be called honourable , and if I can’t live with Anas , I should move to Togo.

– I have apologized so I don’t need to ask Muntaka any question. I have apologize to parliament for using the word “cheap”.

– I don’t mind retracting that word but I want to stake on record that I never said parliament was useless.

– I don’t have a problem if parliament feels offended , I apologize.

– The NPP Vice Chairman has apologize to me and I don’t hold anything against him.

– I was furious with my leader(Osei Kyei Bonsu), I admit and I have apologized to him. I can even apologize right now. He is a man I respect a lot.


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