Jose Mourinho “wants to win”, says Romelu Lukaku, with the Manchester United striker baffled by those critics who continue to question the Portuguese and his methods.

The man in charge at Old Trafford boasts a proven track record, with major silverware secured wherever he has been.

Mourinho was, however, to end the 2017-18 empty-handed as he faced accusations of adopting a defensive mindset.

He told Business Insider: “People need to understand that we play this game not to lose it. We play this game to win.

“So when you lose, you get angry, you get upset. So for him … when he’s upset, he’s a type of person that you can really see that he’s mad or angry. So I think this is normal.

“This should be embraced because he’s a manager, he’s a coach that wants to win. And if you can’t deal with that, well, you know, don’t ask him questions because he shouldn’t hide this personality to give, like, a good public image.”

“I think it’s nice to play for him.

“We make jokes. He sends me good advice, or funny videos, some stuff like that. So he’s really a family guy. That’s how I know him.”


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